I used to go to the web gallery for ideas, but Xara does not seem to update them. I normally only go here for problems. So glad everyone has been posting examples - gives me wonderful examples. I am not a professional designer, and only get limited time to work with program so I guess I am a hobbyist, just giving you the links in case there is something different you might see, they all need some adjustments. I work full time as a bookkeeper, have scleroderma, so I have spurts to work on the sights, and then they can sit for some time. My site I just started that needs a lot more info, and the anchors with sticky menu need to be adjusted is www.sclerodermajourney.com. The site I made for my significant other's business is www.jerrys-furniture.com, been up for a while, have a hard time changing it, on the mobile device you cant mouse over the links for different types of furniture, but in a regular browser, pops ups up pictures of corresponding items. Then we have www.cbsi-online.com , which is way to busy. All the sites have mobile variants. I am amazed at what I am getting to view from others. Please keep posting!