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    Question Exporting to SVG Exports Whole Page.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong but when I try to export selected objects in XDP15 to .SVG format it exports the whole page.

    If I export to a different file format it exports just the selected objects.

    Is this a bug?

    = Steve

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    Default Re: Exporting to SVG Exports Whole Page.

    there is no option to define selection only export in xara's SVG export dialog [unlike PNG/JPG.... where it is set as default]

    consequently what is selected has no effect on the export

    this is how it is in ver 12... at least

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    Default Re: Exporting to SVG Exports Whole Page.

    Yeah, you need to ungroup at the other end. I just tried this with a bitmap and vector object and they did import into Illustrator as separate objects after I ungrouped and deleted the page. What application are you exporting for? And would PDF work?
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    Default Re: Exporting to SVG Exports Whole Page.

    Steve, what happens if you copy the shapes and paste them into a blank photo document? Seems to work but I've nothing to test it on.
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