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Thread: "renewal"

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    Default "renewal"

    I’m getting a notice when I open Xara that I’m up for “renewal.” I don’t really understand what means – I purchased Xara Pro over a decade ago and have kept it up to date. I do recall some changes in the arrangement, which I’m not happy about, I greatly prefer to purchase the product rather than rent it – but regardless, I’m used to Xara and will stay with it for the time being. HOWEVER, when I click on the “continue” button, I’m led to a page where I can either purchase or upgrade my Xara Pro but I don’t find anything on the page about “renewing.” Then, when I close this window, I’m presented with an opportunity to “upgrade.” However, I’m not sure I’m interested in paying $129 (or whatever) for what looks like upgrades that I’m not going to use. Still, I do want to continue using my existing program and the initial window seems to tell me that some capabilities will not be available if I don’t “renew.” What am I missing? ( I did a TalkGraphics search using the search term “renew” and didn’t get anything useful.) Is Xara even interested in Xara design software these days?

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    charliescoffee, sorry you have missed all the rants for well over a year now.

    Have a read through Thread: https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthr...-Service-Cover.

    For more you probably need to search for "update Service" or similar (https://duckduckgo.com/?q=site%3Atal...update+service).

    Your "renewal" is the Upgrade option at $129, €129, 89, for which you get all back to the on-line content...

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