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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    Yes, bkjohns, I'm nervous about disturbing other sites on the server, which is why I use the sub-directory. I've used the same directory for years and never had a problem. The discrepancy in dates is because I made the changes on 7/2 and haven't done anything since, until today when all I did was try again to update the site, no changes, thus the 7/7 date. (Haven't been in my home office or turned on the computer since 7/2 'cause there's no AC and it was 104 degrees in here.) My sorting is indeed done by date because only the new files get uploaded.

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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    bkjohns, not quite sure what you mean. Is this what you're asking for? The second sub-directory is the one where Xara put things like pdfs.
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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    That's totally confusing. Why are your folders/files under different file names on your hard drive and your web server?

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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    Here is what a normal directory structure from Xara looks like:

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    The files for the pages to the web site (index.html, about.html, etc) are in the parent (Olpen Video Services) and the index_htm_files are a sub-directory off of that.
    To transfer that to your structure, the web site files would normally be output to 2018 Fall Festival, not to the other sub-directory under it with the similar name, with the index_htm_files as a sub-directory (as it is now). So give us a screenshot of the contents of the parent directory of 2018 Fall Festival.

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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    Egg Bramhill, but they're not different.

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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    Is this what you're looking for?

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    Don't know if it's clear that I don't "publish" from within Xara, if that makes any difference. Thus, after exporting the website, what I do is open FZ and select the new files by date in the "index_html_files" folder and drag them into the same-named sub-directory on the server, then drag the four pages over to the parent directory -"salisburyfallfestival." Because most all of my sites use pdfs, Xara has always created "(site name)_web_files" folder when I export the site after changes have been made. I guess I'm surprised to see that doesn't seem to be universal.

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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    Yep, that was what I wanted to see. From the screenshot I can see that the index.htm file on your hard drive is bigger than the one on the host (20,018 vs 19,813), so it doesn't seem to me that you are uploading the correct file, or not telling FZ to overwrite. I do the same as you, publish to html and then use FZ to upload. I have FZ set to always ask what to do with the files, and choose overwrite if newer and apply to current queue only.
    Something else to consider (that shouldn't be the issue here but I'll throw it out) is that from time to time things on my sites don't get updated correctly when I only upload the current newest files. Sometimes I have to go back and pick several older files as well (such as the last date uploaded) before things work right. But the file size dif on your page files seems to indicate that is the issue and not some missing files.
    Good luck - since I do the same as you I want to figure this out in case I run into the same thing someday.

    Edit: Okay, forget the file size dif - apparently FZ or the host shows a smaller file than the uploaded (it is the same with my site that works fine) so that doesn't seem to be it either. A head scratcher for sure.

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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    Have you tried exporting the site to a new directory on your hard drive? Maybe something isn't getting overwritten by Xara when putting it in the what appears to be well tested 2018 folder. And that the files didn't go into the 2017 folder out of habit (I've done it - isn't hard to do!).

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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    It's not clear what you are doing OR WHERE you are uploading the 2018 files, but what is clear, is that the files on the server that are being referenced ARE the 2017 files. It certainly looks like you are uploading them to the WRONG subdirectory. I would have expected the correct index.htm file to be in the public_html folder, NOT a subfolder under that. Without breaking any confidences, can you show a file listing of the public_html folder.
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    Default Re: Cannot seem to update a website

    Well, that is just too weird! I always DO select "Overwrite" in FZ, so I can't imagine why the file sizes are different. All four of the "pages" are different sizes. Does FZ compress files??? There's no question in my now fading mind that the files on the left are the same ones that are dragged over to the right. What on earth is changing them? I'm beginning to think the fault lies with the server. The guy who offers us space said something about his either having changed servers or his server changing something. I didn't pay close attention, 'cause I didn't think it would matter. Plus, I also just made a few updates on another site I do (different server/host) and it went through my usual process easily, no hassles, so it's not Xara or FZ. Gonna crash and take this up in the morning. Thank you!




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