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    Default .web file not opening

    My .web file suddenly cannot be loaded into Xara Web Designer, although it used to work fine (last used in March). The message I receive is "Can't open that file type". Has something changed? Can anybody help?

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    Default Re: .web file not opening

    first thing to do is to check to make sure it really is a .WEB file you are trying to open

    that message should not occur for a .WEB file

    you can try right clicking an choosing run as administrator when you open the program, it might work but if you have made no changes to your system it should not be necessary [if it does work you should not need to do it again]

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    Default Re: .web file not opening

    rename it *.xar and see if that helps
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    Default Re: .web file not opening

    Hi Petrus,

    If your file isn't loading anymore, can you send it to me (pm might be best) and we'll take a look at what is happening?

    In the meantime you can try going to File > Open Recent > Backups and see if there is a recent copy of your file you can open?

    Kind Regards

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    Default Re: .web file not opening

    I very occasionally get that but when I do I find that if I drag the file from File Explorer onto the top of the Xara window, it opens. Worth a try.

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