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    Question templates for creating a blog?

    Hi, there's an upgrade offer this month and I'm considering it. Currently using XDPX 12.6.2

    Are there yet any templates or widgets for creating a blog, similar to WordPress?
    Looking for some clever ways so I can build a website with Xara and have a client upload their text blog
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    Default Re: templates for creating a blog?

    No. Xara does not directly allow you to create a blog. At least not that I am aware of. You can link to a blog and in the blog have a link back to your website.
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    Default Re: templates for creating a blog?

    yeah, it's called wordpress
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    Default Re: templates for creating a blog?


    I have not used it so I am not reccomending or endorsing the product. But, it might offer a functionality you are looking for and the pricing is reasonable.



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