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I did the chrome logo type/design in Xara (still really fun using it for classic metallic I the only one here that absolutely adores so-called 'lo res early cg'? vector OR 3d or vector made to be 3d, doesn't's all good! the crazier and flashier, the better!) and added a little raster magic in Gimp to give it even more motion. While the top got a little lost, I thought of it more as if it was a frame of a moving image, in which case until it stops, it wouldn't necessarily be completely clear anyway...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :P

City Connection was a game released by Jaleco to arcades in 1986 and is about a worldwide roadster racer outrunning cops in illegal street races in famous cities across the globe. It's a side scrolling game with elements of Pacman. And it's pretty fun. I think it is, anyway. But I was also baptized by the likes of Robotron 2084, Galaga, etc. What can I say, I like sweaty palm games without much story, just lots of 'omgomgomg' for 2-10 minutes at a time.