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    Default Background Spacing around Text in Navbar


    I am using a Navbar from the content library and would like to increase the spacing background around the text. I am including a picture of what I am talking about and I'm talking about the "black" area around the text.

    You will see that I have 2 line text and I know that's not in alignment with the single line text. That also will be a question I may have.


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    Default Re: Background Spacing around Text in Navbar

    Arrange > Navigation Bar.
    Click the Ungroup to edit graphics button.
    Make a note of the font size.
    Ensure in v15 Smart Transform is off.
    Scale your entire bar, say 125% vertical and 115% horizontal.
    Re-select the first button text and reset to the original font size.
    Select all the buttons and Arrange > Create Navigation Bar.

    for double lining, ensure the button is deep enough.
    While it is a NavBar, use the Text tool and just press the Enter key to get a second line.

    Do test.

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    Default Re: Background Spacing around Text in Navbar

    Hi Acorn,

    Thanks for the reply,

    Where do I shut off smart transform?


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    Default Re: Background Spacing around Text in Navbar

    Right click on the small padlock icon (Lock Aspect Ratio) on the Infobar at the top of the screen.
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