Hi All,

We've released an update to the Xara Cloud, bringing it up to version 41

In this update we've brought

Fit to width
When you load a document that's wider than the work area width (or viewport) the document automatically fits to the available width

Free / Premium features
There is a limited feature set for free users. In all cases the full feature set will be visible, but will produce an prompt to upgrade when attempting to access a premium feature
  • Photo effects image filter adjustments are disabled for free users.
  • Free users can download PDF at email/web quality only.
  • Editor’s choice (stock photo option) switch is disabled for free users.
  • Free users can only export/download images at 96 dpi - resolution and dpi settings are disabled.
  • SVG export is disabled for free users.
  • No ability to resize to social media, web banners, and custom formats.
  • No Share Editing for free users.

Bug Fixes
  • Symbol picker was stuck open after refreshing the page with a search in the picker - Fixed
  • Cutting an item embedded in repeating text didn't remove it from other repeating copies - Fixed
  • Items disappearing when using shift to resize multi-selection items - Fixed
  • Problems with Safari when using highlighting and zoom - Fixed
  • Naming conflicts with duplicate pages - Fixed

More content to be released shortly also.

Article here: https://docs.xara.com/latest-updates...-june-7th-2018

Many thanks