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Cheers John.

The Xara Desktop application and Windows itself, for application removal (uninstall), so it is possible for you to lose all your downloaded content.
Xara mucked-up once (specifically for the downloads) and all were blitzed.

What I do it burn off the designs under the ..\eng\ folder to a DVD or store on a USB stick.
You can restore to the same folder or link to another folder with the Disk Designs button.

Thanks Acorn.

Went to C:\Users\Craftech\AppData\Local\Xara\WebDesignerPr emium\12\Cache\designs\eng\ and copied the entire eng folder to a new folder on another hard drive on my computer. That should do it.

All the items are still there. I guess I will use the 32-bit version to be on the safe side to finally try the program since I didn't allow it to be "updated". Maybe my first "real" questions to ask here will be about the actual program itself and not about how to figure out how to make it show the content.

I always have a lot of respect for people who run websites. A daunting labor of love. Much appreciated Acorn. And thanks to everyone else who took the time to help me out.