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    Bug P & GD 15 - Javascript error when skewing Photo Grid

    P & GD DL x64 May 7 2018 plus the update 31 May running on Windows 10

    Inserted a photo grid and drag'n'dropped photos into it. Playing around with actions (for instance, how do I increase the size of (or crop) one of the photos?) I went to skew the grid and got this in an [OK] dialog:

    JavaScript error: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of undefined"
    SmartLayout.js (2): for(var i=!1,a=this._initAdjustments(),s=0;s<o.length;s++) {var h=o[s],l=65535&h.id,c=e[l];if("TextStory"===h.type&&(c&io)!==go&&(c&Vo)!==qo &&(c&Vo)!==Jo){var p=h.content,u=this.layout[l],d=u.originalBBox,g=u.currentBBox;u.textBBox&&(g=u .textBBox,delete u.textBBox);var y=d[2]-d[0],v=d[3]-d[1],f=g[2]-g[0],x=g[3]-g[1],m=u.minSize[0],T=u.minSize[1];n&&0===p.width?m=f.width&&(m=f),r&&(T=Math.max(T,x)),m=Math.max(m,y) ,T=Math.max(T,v);var B=m-f,S=T-x;Math.abs(B)<=E&&(B=Number.NEGATIVE_INFINITY),Mat h.abs(S)<=E&&

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    Bug Re: P & GD 15 - Javascript error when skewing Photo Grid

    Thanks Brian.

    Confirmed on XDPX.

    OCC > Search: "Photo Grid 8".

    Bug - Horizontal Skew: functional but loses skew controls. Fails also with number entry into control box.
    Aside - only just noticed the is no box for a vertical skew number entry.

    Bug - Vertical Skew: moving the skew up or down 2 deg or less works but loses skew controls. In other words fails.

    Bug - Vertical Skew: moving the skew up or down more than 2.6 deg fails with OP's outcome.

    I think Xara failed just a bit here.

    Oh, guess what. If fails on at least one other Photo Grid.

    Acorn - My current Xara software: XDPX365, XDPX11 (32/64-bit), WD365 Premium, XPGD10, X3D7 and lots of licences back through time (to CC's Artworks)

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    Default Re: P & GD 15 - Javascript error when skewing Photo Grid

    Hi Brian,

    Many thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have logged a report with our developers and designers for them to investigate and fix. Apologies for the inconvenience caused!

    Kind Regards




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