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    Bug Stretching UI Complications

    Dear Xara...

    Back in the day, at version 11, you decided to implement the Alt key for dragging images.
    I believe that in version 10, all you need do was scale on corner controls and squish & squash on middle controls.
    It was then up to the designer to alter the containing shape and adjust the Fill Tool controls to suit.
    There was a logical workflow.

    Now at version 15, Smart Shape controls do one thing; Photo Clip does something else; and, Smart Transform, to the rescue.

    By adding in Text Inside and shape constructs that I cannot myself rework, you have over-complicated the previously simple manipulation of images in shapes.

    To get an image with Text inside pop-up, I have to group them.
    Thereafter all the fancy controls go out the window as i have to open the Page and Layer gallery and hunt and peck to the right point, pick the right tool, and, try and remember what to do next with what.

    The following tries to show the different workflows around image manipulation.
    This is not definitive as i could pick so many more rabbit-holes, down which to run.

    Clicking & Clacking.xar

    Text Inside really, really interferes.
    No wonder you chose not to describe these "innovations" in their use.

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    Default Re: Stretching UI Complications

    It's almost as if the web design functions have taken over precedence to the graphic design functions and XARA DESIGNER PRO has become XARA WEB DESIGNER PRO and to hell with graphic design.
    There are 10 types of people in this world .... Those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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    Default Re: Stretching UI Complications

    I only wish someone from Xara would come along here and explain what Smart Transform is meant to be and what are it's advantages? I totally fail to understand it. How a novice to Xara is supposed to grasp such odd behaviour I've no idea.

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