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    Default Re: How do I stretch a photo? Driving me crazy

    And even with this option unselected it is acting up,one keeps selected the fill handles instead of the resize handles

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    Default Re: How do I stretch a photo? Driving me crazy

    Quote Originally Posted by gwpriester View Post
    There is a way to turn all this stretching confusion off. Right click on the Lock Aspect Ratio (the lock icon) and uncheck [ ] Smart Transform.

    You can always turn it back on.

    Very old time user that I am, I prefer this feature OFF.
    thanks for that Gary

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    Default Re: How do I stretch a photo? Driving me crazy

    For stretching, the message at the bottom of the screen for the side and top handles still says, "Drag to stretch/squash the selected objects." This should be, "Alt+drag to stretch..." should it not? The "Drag to stretch.." should be "Drag to crop..." Also, for stretching/squashing, Alt+shift+drag squashes stretches both sides (or top and bottom) together.

    Still some work to do for the on-screen hints and the documentation. The Help file (.chm) was updated in March, mine has a date of 2018-03-10, and it does not reflect the previous or current situation for "Stretching and squashing objects." I noticed that Table Smartshape has been added, so Xara did some, but not all of the changes and new features.
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