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    Default Editing the nav bar

    This must be me again forgetting the obvious - returning to XWD after a longish absence:
    Taking ages to do many links to NavBar headings for sub headings - then all read perfectly - then next time I go in I find they are all jumbled up again. The main headings stay in the right order OK but the subheadings are titles from pages all over the website, complete jumble. I correct them again. I publish again. They are all wrong again. I correct them again. I publish again. They are all jumbled again. repeat repeat ...
    What am I doing, or not doing. What have I forgotten? Am I missing a Save somewhere along the line? I can't leave the dialog box after every action. It's never happened to me before in other navbars.

    I can't worry about showing my ignorance, but it's certainly taking me a while to get back in the swing of things again. It's got to be something so simple.

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    Default Re: Editing the nav bar

    If this is published then clear your browser cache and check again (Ctrl+F5).

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    Default Re: Editing the nav bar


    Try refreshing the page in the browser (Ctrl + F5) and see if this makes things better. Browsers cache the page information for faster loading and this often can lead to a dog's breakfast when you view the page. The visitor will not have the same issues.
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