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    Default Changing logo/image colours (original files not available)


    There is probably an obvious solution to this, but I haven't been able to figure this out by trying out or from tutorials etc. I'm using Photo & Graphic Designer.

    So, if I need to change the colours of, say, a company's black logo to white when I have the logo only on jpg or equivalent, is it even possible? After removing the background basically only the outlines are left, so to my understanding this should be possible.

    The main purpose is to show the customer how their logo would look placed in some item, for example, so no top quality outcome needed.

    Much appreciated if someone can help a poor guy out!

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    Default Re: Changing logo/image colours (original files not available)

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    A lot depends on the logo. If the logo is not too complex, the best solution is to created a vector version using the vector drawing tools. A vector object can be scaled up or down to any size and you can easily change the color. And the logo shapes is defined by outlines which you and add color to or not.

    Do you have a specific logo in mind or is this more a generic question?
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    Default Re: Changing logo/image colours (original files not available)

    also, you can change colour in the photoshop-magic wand tool.

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    Default Re: Changing logo/image colours (original files not available)

    If it's a black logo on a light background hust reverse the light & dark contone:


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