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    Default Re: New Xara knowledgebase

    Quote Originally Posted by behzad View Post
    Rob where is the info on (ungroup to edit graphics)? I can not find it on xara help.Attachment 120866
    Is that un-grouping & editing NavBars? Don't think we have an article for that specifically but I can certainly add one. I know that (as well as button groups in general) can be confusing and I've often seen files with mis-aligned buttons etc. I'll add a draft article in now to remind me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boy View Post
    I was looking for 'Text flow inside objects' (as mentioned here: http://www.xara.com/us/designer-pro/advanced/) but couldn't find anything.
    Marketing blunder unfortunately. Text flow inside shapes / tables are coming in the next patch which we're just waiting for the installers for but I think marketing jumped the gun there a little. I will be creating articles on them once they have been released however.


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    Default Re: New Xara knowledgebase

    Thanks for the update, Rob.




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