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    Lightbulb Little bugs and some wishes

    Here are some little bugs and some wishes!

    1. The rotation angle for a rotated object should be displayed in the info bar. It normally reset to 0 after a change.
    2. The shear angle for horizontally and vertically sheared objects should be displayed and changeable in the info bar. It's now only horizontally displayed and will reset to 0 after a change.
    3. After changing the sheare angle of a smartshape, the side-handles of the shape are no longer displayed and changes can only made in the info bar.
    4. The rotary switch is not always visible in smartshapes (eg. speech bubbles, flowchart arrows and others), because other switches interferes with it (Workaround: Zoom in to show the handle).
    5. Not all brush profiles are printed <see examples> (Workaround: Choose to print as a bitmap in the printer settings). This bug was fixed once before a few years ago. The German support was notified but there was no reaction and no ticket.
    6. It is not possible to change the line ends simultaneously / uniformly in the line smartshapes. It is also not possible to transfer changes from one to another line smartshape to get a consistent look.
    7. Additionally line ends can be set on flowchart arrows with the line tool.
    8. I want to change / display the size of rounded corners in units (changed in any unit and displayed in current unit).
    9. I want to insert the "number of pages" to set up a pagecouter like "Side 1 from 10".
    10. I want some tool like they in ArtWorks:
    - Hatch-Pro-Tool for vector-fillings
    - Multi-rotation-tool
    - Multi-scale-tool
    - Replicate-tool

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