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    Default Source Code and Data Entry

    Hello, I am using Xara Website Design Premium. I've created a web site and published it at https://thesandiegomobilenotary.com. I also have a domain name of https://sandiegonotaryguy.com. 1) Just wondering if one can look at the source code in Website Design Premium? Can't seem to find the answer in their help questions any where. 2) When one searches for my website in Google, the organic search results show up. However, the spot where the website shows has the https://sandiegonotaryguy.com. I wan't it to show the https://thesandiegomobilenotary.com. Where does Google pull that from? I checked in the Google Search Console, and the account shows correctly as https://thesandiegomobilenotary.com.. Any help would be appreciated.

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    1) to view the source code, use the feature in your browser (e.g. rt-click > View Page Source in Firefox) or load the htm files generated by Xara into an editor.

    2) Both sites appear to be identical to me (Mobile Notary San Diego).
    So I can't understand the problem and what you expect differently?
    Google penalizes duplicated content so I would advise against having 2 identical sites for this reason.
    If you are wanting the one domain to take over from another, you are best to use a domain redirect rather than duplicate the content.

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    Default Re: Source Code and Data Entry

    I am running a mobile notary public service at https://boracina.com/florida/lakelan...notary-public/ do you think I will get Google penalizes duplicated content.


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    Default Re: Source Code and Data Entry

    Was your site created with a Xara product? New members are not allowed to link to commercial websites. And this forum is for support of Xara Web Design products.
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