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    Info Optimizing a Xara Website For Google Pagespeed

    This question comes up a lot and so I am linking to this excellent article by Sculptex. I am also making this sticky so it will be easier to find.
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    Default Re: Optimizing a Xara Website For Google Pagespeed

    Thanks for your work on this and also sharing.

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    Default Re: Optimizing a Xara Website For Google Pagespeed

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    Info Re: Optimizing a Xara Website For Google Pagespeed

    sculptex article is still valid but as it was written in 2017, things have progressed for both Xara and Google.

    If you still are publishing with an older XDA version, much will still be relevant and apply today.

    Recent Xara changes:
    • WebP image delivery - a great improvement.
    • Image filenaming.
    • Updated jQuery library.
    • Canonical links.
    • Links that open in New window or tab (_blank) automatically have the ‘noopener’ and ‘noreferrer’ attributes applied.

    In major browsers, I recommend using Dev Tools (F12) > Lighthouse to give you important metrics to check your changes against.

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