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    Default Making Clipped Pictures Show Original

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to make some clipped pictures show as original resolution when clicked. I know I'm going about this the wrong way but I can't seem to find a solution. I import a picture, make it the size I want, then set it as Pop-Up in the web options. Here's a link to the site I'm working on http://jhntgg.xara.hosting/index-a.htm The bottom row of pictures to the right are cropped to fit the format of the other pictures but their original resolutions are much different. Any suggestions are much appreciated!


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    Default Re: Making Clipped Pictures Show Original

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    When the image is full size (in Xara) the resolution of the full sized image must be 96dpi or higher.
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    Default Re: Making Clipped Pictures Show Original

    Are you asking for the pop-up to display unclipped?

    The Image > Photo pop-up is only designed to pop up what is showing in the thumb.

    You could position four touching rectangles to make an aperture so the original seems cropped but then pops up to its full size and dimensions.

    The other way is to make each photo link to a pop-up layer where you can have the original and embellish with other details.

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    Default Re: Making Clipped Pictures Show Original

    If I understand correctly the pop-up images are currently 800px but you want them larger? If this is the case you can set the size in Web Properties / Images tab. Here I've set it to 960 px.
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