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    Quote Originally Posted by Egg Bramhill View Post
    Larry, trying to be positive, would it not be simple to add the challenge shape to a standard template page which not only includes the challenge shape but the 'rules' thus:
    I think it used to be done that way back in the day. If so, somehow along the way it's got lost

    That was all so unnecessary and no way to treat a new returned / old contributor
    Whilst I agree with the sentiment, I feel I should point out that it is bad manners to come back to a forum after a long absence and immediately start objecting to the way things are now done... and putting the blame for that on everyone else

    but Ross if I upset you, I am sorry.. we will move on

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    Default Re: Scribble April 3, 2018

    Ross, I like your digital watercolour abstract very much, especially the second detail one. Obviously I struggled to find the scribble line. I also agree the challenge rules should be clearly restated every month as mentioned.
    Jono (Photo & Graphic Designer v15.1, Win10. Expires: 04 June 2019, Updates: 1 (21 June - content update)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard509 View Post
    @ Ross.
    Please do not feel unwelcome...
    Thanks Larry. I read your story with interest and enjoyed learning more about you & your career. Don't let shaky hands deter you from hand drawing & cartooning - let the squiggle lines be your style. We used to use plugins for autocad to get squiggly lines - its a very desirable style.

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    Default Re: Scribble April 3, 2018

    Thanks Ross will try that.
    Larry a.k.a wizard509

    Never give up. You will never fail, but you may find a lot of ways that don't work.




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