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    Default Anyone know how to remove or hide #xl_xr_page_index from the url?

    Hey everyone, sorry if this isn't a xara related question. I made a supersite however I can't just type www.myurl.com/about, I have to type www.myurl.com/#xl_xr_page_about, which is a little difficult since it doesnt roll off the keys so well.

    Anyone know how to change www.myurl.com/#xl_xr_page_about to for example www.myurl.com/about?

    -Daniel Ramos

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    Default Re: Anyone know how to remove or hide #xl_xr_page_index from the url?

    A supersite is a one-page website with various anchors that are linked to the site's navigation bar. The anchors replace the pages so in the address bar you get to see the anchors' names and codes rather than the page names. Not a whole lot you can do about that unless some of the more technically savvy members know of a solution.



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