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    Default No reply to my ticket and cannot check its status

    Hi Admins,
    I have XPG 12 and wish, for no cost, to upgrade to XPG15.
    This has been out since Dec 15 (yet I only found out about it in March - very strange - no MAGIX promo emails to advise, no internal program advisories till now..).
    I have a year's worth of free updates since purchasing the product and hope this includes the upgrade to 15.

    I click 'Check for updates' and version 12 tells me it's up to date... not very helpful.
    I got a one-time only promo in the program telling me it's $39 to upgrade (limited time only)... not very helpful.
    I submitted a ticket about all this Friday 09 Mar
    Still haven't heard back from Xara.
    They sent an email advising I can check the status of the ticket, here... but cannot because when I follow that link it tells me I must login - fair enough, except there is NO place on support.xara to sign up or login. I signed up to the service center but this didn't help in this instance.

    Please advise - how can I login to check the status of my ticket.
    If no one's looked at my ticket - why on earth not...
    XPG15 has features that I want to make use of, but more importantly is 64Bit and XPG12 is buggy and very (too) limited in its export capabilities, so I really hope I can do exports in XPG15 that fail with errors in XPG12.

    Can I upgrade to XPG15 for no cost and if so, how.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: No reply to my ticket and cannot check its status

    Hi Jason,

    Sorry to hear you haven't heard back from anyone. If you can let me know your ticket number I'll chase it up and see where it's at.


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    Default Re: No reply to my ticket and cannot check its status

    Hi Rob,
    Thanks for looking into this - It's frustrating to not be able to upgrade and to not hear back.
    Here's the ticket: DKX-358-86238
    How do I log in to check the ticket myself, or isn't this possible?

    thanks again,




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