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    Info Help with Java Call

    So the website I'm working with has some html code in a placeholder , and on the varient. In the code is some javascript which i know only calls once so i have the standard shows up on the desktop version but not on mobile version issue due to the code only being called once. Normally i would just use the Java script on the desktop and then call the html verson for mobile which solves the problem. In this case i dont have the ability to call the html versoin in place of the java script....ideas?

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    Default Re: Help with Java Call

    Hi wknight4627,

    I doubt that it's the fact it's only called once, but more likely it uses a specific Id, which can only be applied to 1 thing and in this case it's applied to 2, the main and mobile variant.

    From your description, can't really suggest a fix, but if you can publish the design, or include the file and link it in this thread, people can have a look and suggest fixes.

    Also "Help with Java Call" - Java and Javascript are 2 totally separate things, to save confusion, when shortening Javascript, shorten it to 'JS' :thumbs-up:





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