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Thank you Acorn.
Unfortunately, using the Content Catalogue, I cannot login from WD365 as the blue loading gadget constantly revolves.
However, I can login using your supplied URL but cannot locate the data-slideshowid and data-r values online to copy to a placeholder HTML body.
Perhaps someone from Xara can comment the this widget is still usable?
I wasn't suggesting you could copy parameters manually back into a Placeholder, though that would be very useful. I was just pointing out you could construct your slideshow apart form the Xara application, you still need Xara to handshake withe the on-line server to set up the Placeholder contents.

The inability to access the Xara On-line Content Catalogue (OCC) is more worrying.
Can you see anything in this: http://downloadsv15.xara.com/web/cat...x.html?v=15.1?
If so, the Xara OCC should work from the application.
Has it ever worked?
If not, have you run the application once as Administrator?

If all nos, then you should raise a Xara ticket.