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At one time, I started with Xara X. It's a convenient product of its kind, easy, and you can figure it out quickly. All the settings and tools are always available, editing points convenient, and you can quickly change the colors, as in a full fill and gradients. To make a transparent transition between an object and the background is a trifle. And objects can be visually duplicated when scaling. But for more complex work, I now work with Blender. Although it is more powerful and complex than Xara, I learned how to use https://forgehub.net (free 3d models) from Nebula. And now, Eevee in Blender 2.8 is a pleasure to work with.
As a newbie, you are not allowed non-xara links but I have exposed yours this time as it is one I have used too.

Thank you for your contribution.