So, you've created something that you like but you don't love it. What to do? Well, for one thing you can correct what you don't like. But, what if that would take forever to do and you just don't have the time?

Do what a magician would do.

Okay, so I'm about to break a long standing magician's rule and tell a secret, in a public forum too.
In the art of illusion there are flaws in any performance. Yes, it happens to me too. Maybe I need people to not notice something I HAD to do in order for a trick to work. How can I "cover up" a flaw that's inherent in my show? Easy. I use "misdirection". Misdirection is simply distracting people so they don't notice what I did. It's cover up time! Maybe I drop something or cough or point at something else. Whatever. It's decoration for the performance.

Now, if misdirection is good enough for magicians then it's good enough for us designers/artists too!

The next time you hit a "creative" brick wall, don't fret. It MISDIRECTION to the rescue! (Cover up Time!) Just put something, anything (decoration), near or on the thing that you don't like and like magic people won't notice your flaw as easily as before.

Try it! You'll be absolutely amazed at how well (and how easily) this really works!