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    Default Re: Help with Designs Content - It is All Blank?

    I have tried to load the content from three install discs (v9, v11,v10) with nothing to find. I had a backup hard drive with my OS which had the content in the Caches folder. I copied that content and replaced what I have now. When I get into the program the folders appear but when I try to open or add a website template nothing happens. It is like everything is locked down. Normally I would not be on a time crunch but I was supposed to work on this website yesterday and do not want to wait until next week when I get the first vague response from support which will start the e-mail back and forth scenario.

    I am not a huge fan of this company but I am kind of stuck. Not a huge deal though. I can spend the year trying to get them to improve the export feature I mentioned last year!
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    Default Re: Help with Designs Content - It is All Blank?

    I'm having the same issue -so my templates etc are empty and nothing in the designer gallery. In my old version of web designer I never had this problem




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