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    Default mp3 files not working in version 15 xara web design premium

    I have downloaded the latest version of xara web design premium (windows 7) and when I update one of my audio pages, all the audio on that page will not work, even though I have only added one new audio file.
    The web page can be view here in a testing area http://www.georgeformby.co.uk/testing/covers.html

    The original page (without the added audio file) is still working fine at http://www.georgeformby.co.uk/audio/covers.html

    Can anyone offer any suggestions please?

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    Default Re: mp3 files not working in version 15 xara web design premium

    Hi Fingers,

    I can't say exactly what the cause is but looking at the source on the testing page it appears to be looking for mp3 files in the folder:


    Which doesn't exist.I'd also avoid using spaces (%20) in your urls.
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    Default Re: mp3 files not working in version 15 xara web design premium

    Thank you for the reply. Let me apologise for deleting the page. Here is a new test page at http://www.georgeformby.co.uk/testing/audio_test.html and the audio does not work. I then opened the page is version and the page works fine! Listen here http://www.georgeformby.co.uk/testin...udio_test.html

    I am at a loss as to what is happening but feel that version 15 is obviously not uploading the audio file - but also, the file will not play when viewing in xara preview page either. There are lots of pages within my website which contain audio, all built with versions previous to 15 and they all work fine. Here is a page from the site created with a previous version http://www.georgeformby.co.uk/audio/covers.html any help would really be appreciated but I feel convinced that the faul lays at xara's door.
    Best wishes

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    Default Re: mp3 files not working in version 15 xara web design premium

    I've had some problems with audio files when they are mono instead of stereo. I had to convert some older sound files in mono wav form to stereo before I could use them... just a wild guess. I use Audacity for audio editing... pretty amazing and free. Magic probably has one too, or Xara.

    I also noticed your mp3 file is named "my sweet.mp3" I never leave gaps in online file names, use an under bar instead "my_sweet.mp3", but maybe that's just the underlining in the source info.
    Also, the source code location can't be found by the server as view-source: http://www.georgeformby.co.uk/testin...s/my_sweet.mp3 Error was "The requested document was not found on this server."
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    Default Re: mp3 files not working in version 15 xara web design premium

    Hi fingers1946,

    Can you open your website in Xara, delete the current placeholder and re-insert it, by dragging and dropping the MP3 from your computer into Xara. Then publish the site.

    The .mp3 file is missing from your support folder, which suggests it's been either deleted or moved, re-inserting will put the file back into the support folder.

    See here for more information on the support folder - https://support.xara.com/index.php?/...older-used-for
    (Once the support site is available again obviously )


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    Default Re: mp3 files not working in version 15 xara web design premium

    Did you get this problem sorted out? as I am also having the same problem since updating to version 15




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