A client came to me for a poster to hang in their headquarters in Denver. They had already assets prepared (body copy, logos) and some idea of what they wanted. And they needed it FAST. So, in minutes, I slapped this thing together. It's not perfect but the client (who had associates with him) liked the image so much they took their cell phones and took turns taking pictures of it with themselves in the shot too. So, I laminated it for them and they kindly paid me for my work. I never heard from them again. I guess it was a one time deal. Who knows, maybe they will send work my way.

P.S...The reason the top checkered border design is not all the way to the top is because my printer, when it prints borderless, it enlarges the image slightly, therefore, chopping off the border if it was all the way to the top. But I assure you, when it was printed, it was all the way to the top.

P.S...Does anyone here know just how much a printer enlarges the image? Maybe 2%?


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