So, my story is...

I recently had a client who wanted me to do some restoration on an old photo of hers. It was the last picture she had of her mother. I have to admit I'm no photo restorer person (hardly) however, I have done some old photos of my own. So, I went ahead and gave it my best and even though the image was "wallet-sized" it was in horrible shape. There were black specks all over the face of the woman and white specks on her shirt. I could not do much for the shirt but I worked like crazy on the face, removing the black specks. The image when enlarged still looked grainy so I vectorized the image, which, help clear up a lot of the graininess. I did make a wallet sized image into a tabloid sized image and it was pretty good if I do say so myself.

And the most important part? I did it all in XDP!

Gotta love Xara.

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