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    Default Uploaded images question

    OK I hope i am in the right place ( i never seem to know where to go)
    Anyway i have had to change one of the pages i have already uploaded from Xara website file i found i didnt copyright the photo`s so now i have done and i am wondering will these images be overwritten when uploaded or new ones created ect Any help appreciated

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    Default Re: Uploaded images question

    I moved this thread to Xara Web Design Chat

    I believe Xara deletes files and images that are not being used. It is kind of hard to track down however because of the way Xara gives images numbers instead of names.
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    Default Re: Uploaded images question

    There are a number of ways top assure you have the right files in place.

    Untick Fast Publish then Publish to replace the entire website. This relies on Xara doing the housekeeping so it is the least trustworthy.
    If you FTP, use the FTP Utility and delete all the uploaded files then Publish.
    If you use Xara Hosting, you can log on to the web (https://hosting.xara-online.com/webftp), tick the Site and delete then Publish.
    From within your Xara application, Web Properties > Publish, login and explore the Web Space for that site and delete files from there then Publish.

    The middle two methods are the cleanest.

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