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    Default Password protect select pages

    My client wants to add an employee login link to his site. From the link that will be on all pages, emplyees need to be able to access a page that allows them to create a user name and password and access select pages that only they (as a group) can access.

    I canít find any info on how to do this. Is this done by way of a forms widget like Jotform?

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    Default Re: Password protect select pages

    This question comes up a lot. I will give you a link to threads about this topic https://www.google.com/search?q=pass...nt=firefox-b-1

    There are several methods for doing this. Through C-Panel if your web host provides this service. Third party solutions such as Coffee Cup Software Website Access Manager. If you use xara.hosting you can add this through Control Center.
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    Great Thank you




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