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    Default Can log in to Magix, but not Xara.

    I haven't used the program for six or eight months and found some features were missing. I tried to log into Xara without success. I don't know if the email address on my license is the one Xara uses, but that one no longer works. My login details for Magix work fine. Shouldn't they be the same?

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    Default Re: Can log in to Magix, but not Xara.

    Magix has taken over some of this from Xara. I think that is what's happening.
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    Default Re: Can log in to Magix, but not Xara.

    if you have 3rd party cookies blocked in your bowser you may not be able to log onto xara - you should have all the info on your magix account, and magix now handles support... as far as I am concerned the xara login is redundant... - sign of the times ?
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