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    Default error message and incomplete page

    I made some changes to one of my sites ...and when it finished the replacement of the html pages and loaded, the page wasn't right at all. It had lines all the way down the page spaced about 1/2 an inch apart and the 3d graphics did not have the look they did before.
    I got an error message as it finished replacing the pages which read: "Internal Program Error 3621.k.no.ad"
    Does anyone know what this means and how do I fix the issue?
    Thanx in advance from a newbie in the TalkGraphics neighborhood.

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    Default Re: error message and incomplete page

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    First thing to try is press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page in the browser. Often the previous site is cached in your browser and gets confused with the new HTM or HTML updates.

    If that does not work, if you publish to a folder on your desktop (or anywhere else on your computer) and you open the index page is everything OK? If so then you can always use Filezilla or another FTP program to upload the files in the folder.

    If so, it might be worthwhile deleting all your old files on the server then republishing.

    Also, if you can post a link to the site, see if other members here are seeing what you are seeing.

    Let me know if you need more options.
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