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    Default Re: Supersite and graphic options

    Quote Originally Posted by gwpriester View Post
    View is in Designer Pro X. There are considerably more tabs.
    I find that really odd - WDP is standalone web design software and I would think that that tab would be available seeing that it relates to pics opened in a web design document??? I have always resized pics before importing them in a web design - this would save a LOT of time!

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    Default Re: Supersite and graphic options

    What would you suggest?
    The other video clips are from Vimeo shares which seem to embed with no problem but I have no share source for the Ispirato ones

    Have made the menu bar into a sticky now but it seems there's still a size problem with the menu options. Will do that today if I get time.

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    Anything on the video format options?
    Flash isn't my preferred player but what else is there?
    It mashes the Ispirato page up into a real mess on initial opening.

    Also I was wondering about making an object "slide out". The animation options only show a slide in.

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    Default Re: Supersite and graphic options

    I have found the vjs video player. It's used by lots of online newspaper sites. Can this be intergrated? If so, how.
    Seems to be just the job.

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    Default Re: Supersite and graphic options

    Hi Lynnzer. When I viewed your lovely site the flash players appeared as large squares that overlapped your photographs, and the page took a very long time to load. Vimeo can be embedded into a placeholder, and this will load much more quickly. Just choose the size of your square, select embed on vimeo, copy the code and place into the placeholder. Then open the placeholder and inspect the code - you will see the measurements of the vid. Replace these measurements with the size of the placeholder. Having said this, vids/animation is on the way out. Site visitors want to see your site quickly and they do not want to wait for things to load. Plus most visitors will not even view a video on a site (except me...I love vids). Lots of large interesting photographs with no pop ups is user friendly, and a more modern approach.
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    Default Re: Supersite and graphic options

    Many thanks for the input.
    I'm doing a couple of sites at present, both for my wife's business. The one she has most history with is thebridesmother.co.uk.

    I am using ideas from the Supersite and when I see an advantage in the same stuff being on the other site I place it on there.

    To that end I'm doing the Ispirato page here.

    I don't have the video clips from either Vimeo or Youtube. I downloaded them from the suppliers site and saved them as mp4's then decreased the dimensions and file size using a superb tool I found today called Handbrake. This has lost lots of bulk and will allow a quicker download.

    Now I think I have placed the clips on the site OK, sort of, but there are a couple of issues. First of all, the player window. The header graphics on page are quite deep so I placed the player rectangle as close to it as I could without overlapping and made it a sticky. This is set as the player for all the other video clips. Problem is that when the page loads the sticky is right at the bottom of the loaded page. Is there any way to use a pop-up player window which can be set to open on clicking the" play the video link"

    I'd also like the initial video to autostart but can't find how to do it. I guess I have to add some extra code in the html code box?

    I have some sort of issue on where the video clip is on the player box. It seems to sit around a third of the way down and has a black bar above it. I want it at the top. Any ideas?

    As for the Supersite, I'm trying to decrease the size of all pictures to the lowest feasible and will push the resultant site out into the blue yonder for another critique.

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    Default Re: Supersite and graphic options

    Can't seem to be able to edit the above so excuse the new post following on.

    Right, I've tinkered around with the settings a good bit and am still no further forward.
    I'm uploading the newest version of the page and you can see that the placeholder/viewing frame is still showing a large black bar above it. I have moved the placeholder into the header but put it to the back so it doesn't spoil the appearance of the header. However it has a frame showing on the edges now. Also, even though the placeholder is sized in the i-frame I created as a 450 by 540 size, to fill the space to the right of the images out to the page edge the box seems to retract inwardly into something much smaller than it appears on the Xara creation page. How do I fix that?

    I'm pretty much impressed with the reduction in loading times as the page doesn't have any embedded video so at least the only wait is when someone presses the button to start a clip. They'll know what's happening so can either wait or view the pictures instead.

    I have 5 browsers installed. Chrome, Firefox, Torch, Opera and finally Microsoft IE. The movies all open in the proper place on all browsers except MSIE which puts them in a speaprate page after a download. Can this be fixed? Any other browser experiences that have problems such as Safari etc, I'd be happy to hear of them.

    So, how do I get the placeholder without showing the top black bit. How do I remove the edges. How do I keep the placeholder size as I want it?

    I'm dead keen to sort this stuff out and even Youtube doesn't enlighten me on the problems or correct manner of doing things my way.

    Let me tell you how I do things. I make a placeholder (drag rectangle to desired place) and size it to the dimensions I want, ie 450 by 540. I then go to placeholder properties/ HTML code(body) and set the frame by adding this: <iframe name="iframe" iframe width-"450" height="540" border=0</iframe> Then I name it for the Link as iframe.

    Each of the video clips have links to where they are. In this case they are all on my host under a new folder called media. So I add a link as follows : http://www.thebridesmother.co.uk/media/923.mp4
    The link is set to open in iframe. It works OK except for the problems above.

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    Default Re: Supersite and graphic options

    The Supersite is still under development as you will see. I am taking it in stages and doing it slowly to get the best effect. Unfortunately the Xmas preparations mean it'll be beyond Xmas when I get it finished or abandon it if it does become too unwieldy.

    Here's the story so far:

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    Default Re: Supersite and graphic options

    Your site loads well for me but I have a reasonably fast download speed 50mbs/sec. I still believe your image/video intensive site is not an ideal candidate for a supersite.

    I suggest you try running it through Google site speed test

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    Default Re: Supersite and graphic options

    Quote Originally Posted by Egg Bramhill View Post
    Your site loads well for me but I have a reasonably fast download speed 50mbs/sec. I still believe your image/video intensive site is not an ideal candidate for a supersite.

    I suggest you try running it through Google site speed test
    Fantastic advice. It shows as being slow already but I have loads of images to resize downwards yet, and the videos will also be resized now I found Handbrake.
    So it's still a work in progress but at least I can move forward with clear intentions on speed limitations for now.
    I just love the format of the supersite though so even if I can't do it as an all-in-one project I can split it into single pages with "NEXT" buttons on the bottom of each page to continue.




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