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    Exclamation Open Letter from new Xara CEO Matt Bolton

    I would like to welcome Xara's new CEO to TalkGraphics. He makes his introduction to our membership in the following open letter and also follows up with more information about the recent announcement about the new distribution agreement as previously announced herehttps://www.talkgraphics.com/showthread.php?77603-XARA-GOES-CLOUD-AND-SECURES-GLOBAL-DISTRIBUTION-OF-ITS-DESKTOP-PRODUCTS-WITH-PARTNER. Please extend him a warm TalkGraphics welcome.

    Discussion about this announcement is taking place in this thread: https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthread.php?77922-A-Letter-from-Xara-s-new-CEO-Matt-Bolton

    Barbara Bouton
    TalkGraphics Administrator

    Hello TG Community,

    I want to share the news with you that I am the new CEO of Xara. I would like to personally thank our valued customers and partners for their continued support of Xara’s products and services. I am thrilled to be here, and I’m truly excited about the many initiatives we are working on and the future direction of the company.

    In my short time at Xara, a few things have really stood out to me. Xara has:

    1. A passionate, loyal customer base that any company would be proud to have;
    2. A technology stack that is as good, if not better than many;
    3. And a hard-working, ‘can do’ team that is willing to tackle all challenges put in front of them.

    It is our job to implement, execute, and communicate properly to realize the full potential of Xara, and in doing so, continue to build on the trust established over the company’s 36 years in business with you.

    There are a few topics that I believe you deserve clarification and guidance on:

    Firstly, Xara is a 100% independent company. Xara and MAGIX have had a long and prosperous sales and marketing distribution partnership and with the recent announcement, we are expanding the agreement to worldwide for our desktop solutions. This is in direct alignment with our initiatives at Xara and the global expansion happening at MAGIX. I have no doubt that MAGIX will service and support Xara desktop product owners to our standards.

    Secondly, Xara is not pivoting from the Desktop products. We will continue, as we always have, to release new features and performance improvements on a consistent basis. What we are doing is investing in new areas of growth, but the existing business around the Desktop products remains strong. The rich content creation market is massive yet highly competitive and we believe Xara is well positioned to drive the market forward.

    The third is that we aim to attack the business market with Xara Online and we will be delivering a feature set consistent with those requirements. Xara Online will work seamlessly with Xara Desktop files which allows Desktop customers to reap the benefits of these complementary features. It is our job to best balance all customer feedback as we aggressively grow the customer base in new markets.

    Again, I am very excited to be driving Xara’s growth and, most of all, support our customers. If you have any questions about Xara and our plans, please feel free to contact me directly at any time. I can be reached at mattbolton@xara.com.

    Kind regards,
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