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    Default Problems uploading site to Fasthosts

    I drew the short straw, and was designated the responsibility to design website for our club. It is easy they said. Get some simple software and off you go. Well I got Premier 11 and in truth designing the site was simple enough. But when I sought to upload it... well it keeps timing out. Fasthosts tech people kindly gave me their time and I guided me through the uploaded of the site via FileZilla. They had a peek at the files and told me that they could not see an Index file?? Has anyone got any idea what is going on...I'm losing my hair!!!!

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    Default Re: Problems uploading site to Fasthosts

    Your website is made up of lots of files: the web server doesn't know which one to show first as the homepage

    Convention is that the web server will always show the file called index.htm or index.html first. Not just Fasthost's server, not just Xara-created websites, but all servers, always. Save your homepage with that name and nothing else, upload it again, and you'll be fine I'm sure.

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    Default Re: Problems uploading site to Fasthosts

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    Go to your first page in your site.

    Open Web Properties. (Utilities > Web Properties) The Page Filename should say index.

    When you publish your site it will automatically create an index.html page and a folder index_htm_files folder.
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