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    Default Mouse Over State

    Are we able to have the mouse over text be different than the mouse off text? I see to be able to change colors, etc. using the mouse over state but that's all. I need to be able to add the words "Click here for more information" when moused over.

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    Default Re: Mouse Over State

    Create a new button with Click here for, etc. Group the text with the button. Copy and Paste In Place on the MouseOver layer.

    Go back to the MouseOff layer and with both groups selected Arrange > Apply Soft Group

    Link the button as appropriate, e.g. another page or a pop up layer.
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    Default Re: Mouse Over State

    Xara buttons with rollovers are soft-grouped on two layers: MouseOff and MouseOver.
    They also align their text centrally.
    Most, these days, have stretchy text.

    Drop you button onto the canvas from the Local Designs gallery or import from the On-line Content Catalogue.
    Click the red eye icon of the MouseOver Layer to see button design there.

    Select the button and remove the soft grouping.
    Use the text tool and change the text of the topmost object.
    The button should stretch and grow outwards centrally.

    Back with the Select tool, select all parts of the button on both layers.
    Re-apply a soft group.

    Test and adjust.

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    Default Re: Mouse Over State

    You can also add tool tips in the nav bar dialogue window.
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