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    How can I make a password protected web page in xara

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    No. :-(

    But if you are using Xara.hosting, the free limited hosting that comes with Xara, you can add password protection in the Control Center.

    If your web hosting company has C-Panel you can add password protection in C-Panel.

    You can do this by creating a .htaccess file, but I think this depends on the servers your web host is using. You can do a search on TalkGraphics for password protection. In Google search (better than using TalkGraphics Search function) copy and paste this password protection site:talkgraphics.com This will bring up several pages with links to that search phrase in TalkGraphics.
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    If your host uses CPanel:
    Look for the Directory Privacy link > "your site"
    Check the password protect box and name the folder anything, and save.
    Then enter a username and password, and save.




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