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    Default Free 3D promotion tool released

    ArtisGL 3D Publisher released under Windows 10 Store for free download.

    ArtisGL (Artis Graphic Laboratory) 3D Publisher provides smart and easy solutions for publishing 3D content or 360 panoramas on any website, hosting or use of free account for promoting 3d modelers or photographers.

    Individuals or companies can use ArtisGL 3D Publisher to present their 3d models or 360 photos on the web. Published models can be placed directly on your own hosting or embedded to your website via special Embed Code from ArtisGL account.

    ArtisGL is based on WebGL standards, providing rendering functionalities under the browser. This tool allows to setup 3d environment to any website and generating new websites for custom content. Free version of the product allows publishing 3d environments. Future version of the product will also provide automated configuration functions for all 3d models.

    Product is completely free. Commercial use allowed.

    Product features list

    • Free platform on ArtisGL.com, with 3D publishing, 360 panoramas support and promotion blog for your products.
    • High compression level of 3d models and textures
    • Free publishing of models to any external website, compatible with all modern browsers and mobile platforms.
    • Supporting over fourteen 3D models format
    • Custom 3D environment generation
    • Supporting of 360 panoramic images for generating 3d environments
    • Real-time rendering with dynamic shadows, reflections and surround lightning
    • Particles, ambient occlusion, bloom effects support
    • Real-time image effect such as hue/saturation, brightness
    • Support for materials and textures editing of object
    • Customizable library for storing of environment and textures
    • 360 Free Panoramas support under Creative Common Attribution license. Any user can publish free panoramas.

    Trailer video:

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    Default Re: Free 3D promotion tool released

    Of course you are! The two programs are so similar ...
    There are 10 types of people in this world .... Those who understand binary, and those who don't.



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