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    Default Re: How to recolor 16 color image to other 16 color palette?

    Quote Originally Posted by MIRKOSOFT View Post

    I'm newbie here and in graphics too.
    I'm working with graphics for retro computers.

    I have images in 16 color 'near' CGA palette.
    I need to recolor it to similar 16 color also 'near' CGA palette.
    Reason is simple - rendering tool for transfering images requires exact color to produce single color filled parts - if color doesn't match it uses Floyd Steinberg dithering to create as near as possible color.
    But when images with resolution 256x192 are converted to 480x360 is not enough space for dithering and it's high quality loss. Of course there are also typical retro computer color cells - in one color cell 8x1 pixel - so in 8 pixels horizontally - can be 2 colors only. It's for 4-bit colors - one color for low nibble and one color for high nibble = 8 bits = 8 pixels wide.
    So, best result I can have by recoloring image from one to 2nd color palette. Both palettes are high similar, so I mean (here's I'm not sure) that there can be created tolerance limit when recoloring...

    Qs is nothing more nothing less than: How to recolor images from one to 2nd color palette? I need help 'cause I'm beginner.
    I found this forum 'cause on two other forums I got answer: So, why you want to do it?...
    So, I hope that anybody helps me.
    Thank you all for all.

    You are in way over my head but I think I can offer some ideas here. First of all, if you have access to AI, they have a 16 color bitmap tracer that may make the whole process a little easier.
    If you will trace it and then "expand" the image, you should be able to "re-color" the artwork without too much trouble. I'm sure you could "re-assign" colors in the palette but I don't know HOW this is done.

    Hope this helps...


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    Default Re: How to recolor 16 color image to other 16 color palette?

    if you have a means to edit the bitmap palette then tracing it is an extra step you don't need; you'd still need to change the colors anyway, and then convert back to bitmap...
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