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    Default Re: Temporarily hiding mobile variant

    Quote Originally Posted by Egg Bramhill View Post
    No just two.

    If that's the case, if your desktop version changes with such regularity but not the mobile version I'd suggest creating two separate independent versions of your site and not use variants.
    There's a desktop version that's live and active now, and the mobile version will follow. When the mobile version is live it will be updated along with the main one. I see this scenario very frequently: people have limited resources and first want to get a main site up and running asap, with the focus on giving everyone access to the data. If they're on a phone - so they have to scroll a bit. Only after the main data is available some graphics are reduced, tables changed etc. to produce a version that's easier to access on the smaller screen.

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    Default Re: Temporarily hiding mobile variant

    Not following your reasoning here yjs?

    My solution is that you have a web file named "master-website.web".
    It has two variants, desktop & mobile.
    You only currently want to publish the desktop site.
    So you do a Save As and call it "desktop-only.web"
    You delete the mobile variant (very simple)
    Save it & publish.
    This published version only contains a single website, the desktop variant.

    You want to make amendments to the desktop variant?
    Open "master-website.web"
    Amend the desktop variant.
    Save As "desktop-only.web" which overwrites the previous version.
    Delete the mobile variant.

    Now when you're ready to create/amend the mobile variant
    Open "master-website.web"
    Amend the mobile variant

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    Default Re: Temporarily hiding mobile variant

    That also sound possible but it means working on two webs and deleting mobile webs before every publish. For me that's more complicated.

    Right now I'm simply working on the desktop version with the mobile version narrowed so I don't have to worry about it. I work on the single two-variant web and publish. Yesterday I wanted to play around with the size of a graphic on the mobile version so I widened it, played around and then narrowed it again... then went back to the desktop version to continue my work and publish as normal.




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