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    Default Multiple options menu like .xls file

    Hi! SOS...I'm not really sure that I can explain accurate what I want... My client wants me to create a website and when someone gets inside a certain page (eg CARDS) he would find a multiple options dropdown menu to choose from. Ideally, that would work like a .xls file that you choose your options and you get a total at the end! Is there a way I can do something like that with Wed Designer Premium 365? I'm giving you a web page he likes and is exactly as he wants it...


    Eventhough it may be "all greek to you" what he likes is that you choose from the options in the menus and you get a total price at the end (if you have login in). If Xara cannot do that, does the software allows me to insert .xls file? Or is there a third party widget or element I can use - even with limitations, meaning I cannot have all of them.... Please feel free to give me any thoughts, I was away for a long time due to health issues and I really need the job.

    Thanks all in advance

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    Default Re: Multiple options menu like .xls file

    I responded to your other post. This is not the right forum for your question.



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