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    Default Re: Problems with Windows Scaling (e.g. "200%") when using a high resolution (4K) scr

    Quote Originally Posted by JWellbelove View Post
    I've had issues with several programs since upgrading to 4K monitors, so I thought I'd share the fix I use to sort them out.

    Right click on the application icon and select 'Properties'.

    Select the 'Compatibility' tab.

    Click the button 'Change high DPI settings'.

    Tick the box 'Use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program instead of the one in settings'.

    Tick the box 'Override high DPI scaling behaviour.'

    Select dropdown 'Scaling performed by: Application'

    When you next run the application the text should not be blurry.
    Well I've just upgraded to a beautiful new HP Workstation and 2 x 32" 4K monitors for my home set up over the weekend, and just tonight reinstalled the latest Version of Xara, only to be confronted by the terrible blurry program window... pretty much unusable for me... :-( but your post was really useful. Thank you for sharing it! It at least offered me a practical way to get rid of the soft images. As the following poster said, following your instructions has made Xara's toolbars tiny, but I can just about cope with that I think for the limited graphics work I do at home. The text in the direct entry toolbar boxes for width and height etc., is a bit harder to deal with, as you can only see the top of the numbers, but it's still a massive improvement on the horrible soft graphics I saw when I first opened Xara on my new set up.

    I suppose I can add my old monitor back at a push, just for Xara... if I find things becoming a problem.

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Problems with Windows Scaling (e.g. "200%") when using a high resolution (4K) scr

    I have moved this thread to Dear Xara in hopes Q&A will realize that this is another hurdle they need to get over.
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