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    Default HELP!!! Adding continuous loop to slideshow/video.


    I am having a problem with, what should be a simple thing, but has become quite frustrating.

    I have a site that needs a slideshow on the homepage that utilizes the Ken Burns effect (zoom/pan) of only a handful of slides (5-7). I have noticed that none of the slideshows built into Xara have the effects I'm needing, so I have gone to 3rd party avenues. I have successfully built a slideshow with ProShow Gold and brought it into Xara Designer Pro X, and it looks and works great BUT it won't continuously loop. I do have the continuous loop selected within the ProShow software, but Xara eliminates it. I tried everything to find a solution. I then tried a different approach and created a video using the slides in PowerDirector 13, exported as an MP4, imported it into Xara, and again, ran like a charm until the end, where it stops playing. The little circle with the gray arrow pops up to click to replay.

    Is there ANY WAY to get either a slideshow or a video clip to play continuously without stopping and/or having to have site visitors manually set something to get the loop to occur...I just want it to keep playing automatically. Auto start works great in both, but continuation does not.

    Thank you in advance for you help.


    Windows 10, Xara Designer Pro X 12.4.1

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    Default Re: HELP!!! Adding continuous loop to slideshow/video.

    I answered my own question...I added loop="true" to the end of the code and voila....

    Thanks anyway!


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    Default Re: HELP!!! Adding continuous loop to slideshow/video.

    Hi Tazz, thank you for the solution, I was about to ask the same question. Your solution works great.






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