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    Default Stretchy photo 'display' cross-platform problem - Designer Pro X 64

    I’m having an odd problem with cross-platform issues in regards to a photo given a ’Stretchy’ command in the “Web Sticky/Stretchy“ menu.

    The page is based on a purchased template — that has two page sizes: ‘Main’ - 1120px and ‘Smartphone’ size 400px. The odd problem is that same photo (see screen captures attached) displays correctly in desktop/laptop computers, but on the Ipad, the image is ‘grossly’ enlarged so as to only show a small portion of the photo. I had experienced this previously on in my short time as a Xara user - seemingly finding that if i reduced the the original photo file to nearly the exactly size needed - it solved this sort sort distortion problem in some cases. BUT . . . not all. Now, I’m stuck. I have reduced this photo down to just slightly over the needed size (allowing for bleed, etc), but no luck. I can’t find any fix to this problem - to end the distortion of this ’stretchy’ photo on the Ipad display. I’m wondering, would a solution be to create a THIRD page size (I would prefer NOT to have to go to this extra work, if there’s a work around) - one for tablets? If so, what size should I make the the Tablet page set up? Any help from anyone would be most appreciated! Thanks - Jeff
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    Default Re: Stretchy photo 'display' cross-platform problem - Designer Pro X 64

    To All - I’ve researched this issue a bit more and have discovered that this seems to be quite a large spread problem of the ’Stretchy’ effect - that looks great in the full desktop computer screen viewing, really ‘bombs’ out when viewed on a tablet such as an ipad. I have tested a number of unaltered templates - that use this cool technique (this where the photo stays stationary, as the rest of page moves past it.

    Again, looks great on full size desktop/laptop screen, but of iPad — it shows a ‘magnified’ close up of the photo that looks terrible.

    Surely, other users have encounter this? Anyone know of a work around - short of not using the Stretchy technique - which I would rather not give up as it has a very cool look.

    Note: There is no issue on the small mobile phone version of the page. It’s unaffected.


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    Default Re: Stretchy photo 'display' cross-platform problem - Designer Pro X 64

    Hi Jeff, I can't replicate you problem nor really follow your posts. Can you supply the web/xar file that displays this?

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