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    Default Re: What is this font ?

    Go here and see if any of these are what you are looking for http://www.identifont.com/find?similar=arial
    Oddly, MyFonts.com WhatTheFont search says there are no matches. I cannot believe that.
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    Default Re: What is this font ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas94 View Post
    not too thin, not too thick, we can see that the "e" and the "a" are differents, and the letters are more spaced out from arial or helvetica.

    Here's another. The font is outlined in magenta with no fill so you can see your latest screen shot under it. Tracking is set to push the letter forms wider.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: What is this font ?

    I found some resembling fonts but wich don't look really good for subtitles, i'm difficult
    thanks very much anyway, i continue my research.

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    Default Re: What is this font ?

    Er, what about my screen shot? It matches pretty much exactly--at least as exact as the low-res screen shot of the font in question allows.

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    Default Re: What is this font ?

    Oh, mwenz, i didn't understand. So what is the font in magenta ? seems very similar.




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