Always last but never least - Designer Pro X365 has arrived! As usual you can find an overview of what’s new on our website @ and detailed information in the Release Notes @ and you won’t want to miss Gary Priester’s First Look @

Some of you will have followed the Web Designer and Photo & Graphic Designer 365 releases and will know what to expect, but for everyone else here are some of the highlights:

Web Features
• Enhanced sticky objects (scroll and then stick to top)
• 40 new on reveal animation types
• 30 ‘scrolling animations’ including parallax effects
• Editing enhancements for Xara Online Designer
• New content including all 166 business themes!

You can see examples of the new features and content on our demo sites @ and and

Photo & Graphic Features
• Paint on photo effects with the new Photo Effect painter
• 25+ photo filter pre-sets in the Online Content Catalog
• Magnetic Lasso for quick and easy cut-outs
• New X Process option in the photo enhance tool
• New color dodge & burn transparency blend modes
• Google Material Design icons added to the symbol library
• New SmartShapes such as charts, text panels, photo grids and a new spiral
• Enhanced Content Catalog with search and an integrated stock photo & illustration library
• Improved Word, PDF, RTF and PSD support

Like Web Designer and Photo & Graphic Designer it benefits from the Update Service, you can find out more about that on

We hope you enjoy the new version!