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    Default Failed to read XAR file (Failed to handle record 17744 4331)


    Has anyone experienced this error message:

    "Failed to read XAR file (Failed to handle record 17744 4331)"

    I got this as I was adding some links to a web document. Fortunately the backups worked OK (10 minutes work lost).

    It seemed to have something to do with adding links to find anchors.

    Kind regards

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    Default Re: Failed to read XAR file (Failed to handle record 17744 4331)

    This probably is not useful but I found it doing a web search https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Failed+to+...ara.com&t=ffsb

    Sometimes something corrupts the page/file and you get weird error messages. It sounds like you did the right thing using a recent backup.

    When I start getting weird error messages, I shut down the program without saving the document. Most of the time when I restart the program the problem has gone away.
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